Air conditioning

Hillcliffe Garage are able to offer you specialist air conditioning and climate control repairs and maintenance for your vehicle.


We are well stocked with the appropriate plant including a Sun CoolCare air conditioning machine. This machine cleans, reclaims, recycles and fills the air conditioning in your vehicle to the correct levels.


All Vehicles manufactured prior to 1991 use R12 gas which is now illegal and requires converting to R134 gas. Hillcliffe Garage are able to undertake this conversion on your vehicle so that you are utilising the correct gas type.


It is essential that your vehicle’s air conditioning system is checked on an annual basis. This process includes undertaking an anti-bacterial treatment on your system.


We use UV dyers to check for leaks and nitrogen pressure as per government legislation. Our expertise in this area is part of Hillcliffe Garage commitment to maintaining a clean, green environment and combating the greenhouse gases that are contributing to the depletion of the ozone layer.  


An untreated air-conditioning system can contribute to the spread of infections and viruses in your vehicle that can cause colds and flu. These checks and treatments can be undertaken at very low cost.

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