Tyres would be one of the crucial elements on your vehicle.

What you can do for your and others safety is to keep them safe and roadworthy/legal


Our service is to provide you with the appropriate tyres for your vehicle at a very competitive prices.


Tyre thread is measured on three spots across the width of the tyre to begin with from the sidewall towards inside. Incorrect reading will also indicate different problems if any, on your vehicle's wheels alignment.

The new tyres would have the thread of around 8mm, but the minimum tyre thread is 1.6mm in the centre of the breadth and around the entire circumference. The recommended minimum thread is 3mm, and that is what you should know about it.

Anything bellow those measurements, and you are liable for points and fine on each individual illegal tyre. Such punishment can be severe.



    They are made up of a number of different numbers and letters. For example tyre size 225/55 R17 82 V is made up of the following information:

    225 - The tyre section width in millimetres
    55 - The aspect ratio in % (the height of the sidewall divided by the tyre's width)
    R - Denotes the tyre's construction type - in this case it's a radial
    17 - Rim diameter in inches
    82 - Load Index
    V - Speed Rating up to 149mph.

  • We will carry out a FREE tyre inspection when in our garage and are happy to keep you in THE "legal tyres".

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